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Washington Monthly

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For universities squeezed by falling enrollments, recruiting ex-offenders could be a new source of revenue—and a chance to transform lives.​

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New APM Reports documentary

When it comes to helping kids from poor families move up the income ladder, America’s colleges could be doing much better.

Audio documentary: Changing Class

Focus Magazine, Spring 2018

Exemplary employers reap real returns by developing workers’ talent


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PBS NewsHour's “Rethinking College”

See Part 4 of the spring series to learn more about the lives of today’s students and how colleges are preparing them for success.

No direction, no diploma

A Stronger Nation

Explore a data visualization of the country’s progress. In addition to presenting national data, the report allows navigation by state and metro area.

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Latest Stories

Sep 05, 2018

Lumina Foundation is convening a new Quality Credentials Task Force comprising 20 leaders in education, policy, and workforce development to explore new ways to assure the quality of a college education and other forms of learning beyond high school. The group will meet periodically, starting with a two-day launch meeting that begins today.

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Aug 27, 2018

We’ve all been on a bad blind date. Your aunt swore that you had something in common, but you show up holding your dog-eared copy of “The Hobbit” and she’s toting Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code.” You just know you’re in for two hours of awkward pauses and forced small talk.

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Aug 27, 2018

In America, your address determines your opportunity — especially if you’re a person of color. Quality schools, job training, and higher education institutions tend to be clustered away from communities of color.

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More About Lumina Foundation

Our Mission and How to Get Involved

Every American has a role in helping us reach our nation's attainment goals, and we all benefit when we get there. Everyone–from employers to instructors to families–has clear steps to take. And no matter how small, each step toward the goal is essential. Find out how you can contribute to building a stronger nation through higher education.

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Lumina's priority is to fundamentally rethink how higher education is delivered, and what outcomes can be expected from postsecondary completion. Lumina Foundation is leading a national conversation about the disruptive innovations helping to design and build a 21st century system that meets the needs of all students.

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Read some key facts on how we can increase levels of educational attainment equitably, through the use of quality data to improve student performance, identify problems, measure progress toward the goal and inform policy and decision making at all levels.

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