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Challenging and fulfilling

At the University of Lynchburg, you grow into more of who you are, and more of who you want to be. We take your education, your dreams, your ideas seriously. You’ll experience the world on our campus and learn to share your perspective in a voice all your own. 

Get your fe​​​​et wet

At Lynchburg, we know that learning happens everywhere and not just in a classroom. Some of your most meaningful learning happens through action and experience. That’s why we’ve made experiential learning a mandate across the University. Learn through doing and do while learning — Lynchburg makes it possible.

Westover Honors College

Westover Honors College helps you harness your academic potential and learn how to employ your greatest asset — your mind. In our undergraduate living-learning community, you’ll develop a strong camaraderie with other people who share your academic passions. You will prepare for a career, graduate school, and a lifetime of learning.

​Real research, right now

At Lynchburg, you can engage in graduate-level research while still an undergraduate. Professors often invite their students to work on major projects, but just as often, they let you choose the questions to explore. Lynchburg students have discovered planetary bodies, predicted outcomes of the Tour de France, and studied how hits to the head effect ball players of all sorts.

So come bring your biggest ideas to life. Test your hypothesis. Discover something brand new.

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Share in the world

At Lynchburg, the world is your campus. You might tour South Africa with some of your best friends and favorite professors, or go solo to our partner universities in Mexico, the Netherlands, or other places around the world. We make study abroad easy and accessible, so Lynchburg students are twice as likely to study abroad as their peers at similar schools. You graduate here prepared for work in a global world.

​​Teaching first

Our faculty are second to none. Their goal: Find out your goals, and help you reach them. They’ll challenge you to think differently, but they’ll also empower you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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High expectations help you stretch and grow at University of Lynchburg. Our academic services help you meet those expectations and learn more.

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